Fall, the breeze with tea and maple

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Fall, the breeze with tea and maple

Sep.: hydrangea seeing tour.

Spot: Sunlinksea forest ecology recreation park.

The season of hydrangea in Sunlinksea is from June to September, the annual Hydrangea festival with thousand dozens of flower is from now to the end of this October. The altitude of Sunlinksea is about 1600M, the temperature there is under 22 Celsius degrees, like spring all the year round, nice for summer resort. There are over 20 thousands hydrangea till this year in the park, it’s estimated to increase 10 thousands hydrangea more next year. There are two breeds one is Big-leaf Hyrdangea which is short than the other breed as local Hydrangea which is as tall as one person. It’s suggested to visit here in weekday.


Oct. & Nov. Gingko trees viewing

Spots: Dalun tourist tea garden, Sunlinsea forest ecology recreation park.

Taiwan is located in area ofsubtropical climate, so the gains of gingko can not grow in subtropical climate, but people still plant lots of gingko trees in the mountains around intermediate altitude because the leaf of ginkgo tree is too beautiful.The oldest ginkgo tree in Taiwan is in Xietou forest park in Nantou.The Dalun mountain located in the juncture of Lugu and Chushan is the new spot to view the ginkgo tree which are planted among the tea gardens. The reason that there are ginkgo trees in Xietou is because the tree is introduced by Japanese in the period ruled byJapan, the oldest ginkgo forest in Taiwan is in Xietou. The leaf of ginkgo trees are turned in light yellow from the end of October to the beginning of November annually, it brings colorful view in Xietou.