Cultural and Creative Industry in small town brings you to the local life culture.

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Cultural and Creative Industry in small town brings you to the local life culture.

The environment in Lugu and Chushan is advantage, The history of tea garden and bamboo forest development brings the evolution of current local life. It is not the early stage in agriculture in Lugu and Chushan now. The new mode is to integrate all the progress of tea and bamboo form planting to article designed, and to bring new horizon to the tourists.

The plan of Taiji splendor land pushed by the Nantou government can provide the local experience tour to tourists. It’s an important progress to make international tourist get closed and learn more by passing polish words. There are many shop over 3 or 4 generation such as blacksmith shop and pop-rice shop which present the spirit of local shop. It’s benefited not only to integrate the local resources but to advertise the feelings from the international tourists to the whole world by the Taiji splendor land

The Cultural and Creative Industry started to rent the idle space for free accommodation for tourist who must provide their specialty or new idea to solve the problem for the town. It is to change to small town by idea contributed by those tourists. To make Chushan town as a friendly city by combining the local advantage and resource of tourism. So, the tourists are not just tourists, they invest resource and idea for Chushan and help improve this town.

When you visit Lugu and Chushan, I would like to recommend several spots: The bamboo tunnel in Chushan Daan mountains, because the bamboo forest inside is like a green carpet, it’s worth to visit! The local delights on old street in Chushan are with special flavor. And the famous spots like Xietou monster village, Sunlinksea are also the Scenes you can’t miss!

Welcome to observe the local life!