Nantou global tea Expo

2012/8/15 Click︰
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 Nantou global tea Expo

The annual capacity of oolong tea in Taiwan is 20 thousand tons, it’s famous in whole world. The 60% of annual capacity is from Nantou, the provenance of nice tea.

The tea garden is almost everywhere in Nantou, all 13 towns in Nantou deliver tea with their own feature. The biggest capacity of tea in Taiwan is from the MinJen town, this area applies more than 50% demand of Taiwan tea market. There is few county with huge capacity of tea in Taiwan. According to various tea and plentiful resource of tea, there are almost million people come to Nantou to taste, buy, observe and tour of the tea, it accumulates the advantage of the large-scale arrangement.  

The sponsor visits the global artists of tea every year to show the tea culture in different countries by demonstration of the Cha-do, art of tea and tea boutique. Lead people to deeply experience the feature of top 8 tea gardens in Nantou by promoting the tea expo to raise the local industry up. 

The tea party of thousand people is Unprecedented since tea expo has been arranged. The global artists and people with passion in tea get together to listen the music on the green grass with the tea, it’s great experience to listen, taste and smell thing related to tea in the same time. Visit the Nantou global tea expo to enjoy the great time now!!


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