winter: Plum in snow is waiting for spring.

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winter: Plum in snow is waiting for spring.

Nov. & Dec. Activity: enjoy the autumn colors

Spot: Sunlinksea forest ecology recreation park.

The timing of maple in red will be late than other country because of subtropical climate. The major period to enjoy the autumn colors is from November to next January, the yellow maple in high altitude turned in red will be more colorful and earlier than in lower altitude. It’s suggested to view the maple in the area nearby in weekday. The amelanchier sinica, which the plants is about 2~5 meters and the crackgapsplit of leaf is unclear, are spread in the high altitude area among the Central mountain range. In the cool autumn, to enjoy the colors outdoor in Aowanda, Sunlinksea and Xietou is the great tour.


Dec.: Activity: Lugu town – The season of cherry blossom and winter bamboo shoot

Spot: Shima park in Lugu

The timing of flower viewing tour is from December to next February, the cherry blossom, peach blossom, oriental plum, Koelreuteria elegans and various native trees dress the Lugu colorful with romantic factor. The famous spots are Xioubantien Shima park, National Taiwan University tea garden, Chilin lake and Hoya community, there is a hugecamellia farm nearby.

The most cherry blossom in Lugu is Japanese flowering cherry, and the second is Kwansa cherry. The Japanese flowering cherry is the gift from the sister city in Japan for the 921 earthquake. Lugu town located in southwest area of Nantou in intermediate altitude is famous as Dongding oolong tea worldwide. The area of tea gardens is about 2000 hectares, the annual capacity of tea is 1700 tons. Lugu is the important town of tea production, and it is also the birthplace of Moso bamboo.。

The best location to have a picnic with tea under the cherry blossom is in Lugu, when listening to the Chinese classical, it’s cherished to have a light meal made of bamboo shoot.

A、enjoy the tea under the cherry blossom

The cherry blossom dresses Lugu like a charming and colorful flower carpet. The certificated craftsman of tea cooks the famous Dongding oolong tea, the smell is fresh and rich, and the aftertaste is mild and smooth. When stay in the scenery of cherry blossom, you can also enjoy the Dongding oolong tea at the same time, the tourist now can have both of the interesting together without going to Japan.


The people in city is always busy and nervous, now you can enjoy the LOHAS life style in countryside in Lugu and taste the local food – winter bamboo shoots and slated ,yamazeri, or just to have a picnic under the cherry blossom and enjoy the snacks and agriculture food prepared by the host, then completely relax yourself in mountains. To have a local meal in LOHAS style!

C、the interesting of DIY

Through the DIY of bamboo and flower articles taught by professionals will make each other closed, it not only enrich your life but satisfy the spirit.

D、ease in the bamboo forest

To provide the tourists with different tour in other face, we arrange the tour to get closed in the bamboo forest. Just pace in the Changyuan natural ecosystems ditch, and ease in the bamboo forest, then end the day tour perfectly.

102年心繫小半天 幸福大半天
Spot: the parking lot in Shimpa Park.

The natural view, ecology system and resource of culture and agriculture in Xiaobantien agriculture park is very rich! To combine all the features for promoting and developing this park is to change the park as a recreation park. The main industries in Xioubantien area is Moso bamboo, tea seeding and planting the vegetable in summer, and there are about 30 B&B and one legal recreation farm here. Besides, there are other farms in this area attracting tourists by experience of being farmer.The plan of Taiji is to combine each industry in Xioubantien to attract nationals to visit this area by tour of experiencing local industry. By the volunteers’explaining and guiding history, scenery, geography, local industries and the local ecology system in the agriculture area, people know more complete about the charming specialty of the park.