Spring, blossoming season

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Spring, blossoming season

Jan.-Feb. : Sight-seeing of cherry blossom, Tulips

Spot: Xiaobantianshima Park, Sunlinksea Forest Park

Xitou –When the Taiwan cherry in the sunlinksea blooms resplendently, it tells blossoming spring is being substituted for the cold winter.

The best period to take a flower viewing in Sunlinksea forest park is from the end of winter to the next April,magenta Taiwan cherry will start at first then tulip. Thousand dozens of tulip are imported from Holland and decorated with white, red and purple red ornamental cabbages and fuchsia intulip field in bloom.Deeply breathe in Phytoncide and just relax within the tour in Xitou and Sunlinksea.


Feb.: harvest season of bamboo shoots in spring

Spot: Lugu town, Chushan Town

The southeast area of Chushan town is composed of hills and mountains which the altitude is around 500~2200M,turbulent Jiatzouliao river flows through this area covered by thick Moso bamboo forest. The season of winter bamboo shoot with golden hairs usually is from Nov. to Feb., the hairsturn into brown from Feb. and ends around Apr., this bamboo shoot harvested during this period is named spring bamboo shoot which is also named Moru bamboo shoot. It is larger than others and belongs to scattered bamboo specie, and its hairs will be yellowish green and smooth when it’s mature. The Moso bamboo was inducted in 1750; the winter bamboo shoot is harvested when it’s still buried underground, and the spring bamboo shoot is harvested when it peeps through the soil. Most restaurants provide bamboo flavor meal in season, it’s worth to taste.


Feb.: The feast of Ding-Joy (Rice Wine Stew Chicken) to celebrate the Tu-di-Gong’s birthday.

Spot: Zi-nan temple in Chushan Town

The history of consecrating Tu-di-gong in Zinan Temple located in Sheliaoli, Chushan Town Nantou is over 300 years.「The legend of Tu-di-gong , the culture festival of eating Ding-Joy」arranged by Zinan temple will start from the previous day of Chinese New Year, and the “Eating Ding-Joy in Zinan temple” will be held in lunar 16-Jan. The Zinan temple is very famous in recent years because of lending lucky money from God and the activity of eating Ding-Joy in lunar 16-Jan., many believers will attend this boutique of culture asset. Lending lucky money and eating Ding-Joy in Zinan temple are registered as culture asset of folk custom by Nantou government. The culture of Ding-Joy becomes the big event in Taiwan now. 『The sky lantern in north, the firework in south and the Ding-joy in middle. 』

In Taiwan, the believers will celebrate the birthday of Tu-di-gong by returning the immolation or playing drama, now some people will return whole pig, the staffs in Zinan temple will roast the pig in the yield of the temple after saluting then provide to the Pilgrims to share the joy of the Tu-di-gong’s birthday.


Mar.: Peony in season

Spot: SunLinkSea Forest Park

Xietou – the Taiwan cherry blossom in the Sunlinsea is colorful, and tells the blossoming spring is coming after cold winter. The various camellias display different views, and the peony is the king and queen’s most favorite flower in the history. It’s the best season for flower viewing in Sunlinksea from the end of winter to next April. The peony is called “King of flower” because of its luxury outlook can surpass all the flowers, the kind of peony leaf can be divided as single valve, plena and multi-plena. The best temperature for peony growing is between 15~25 Celsius degrees. There are about 8000 peonies blossoming in the Sunlinksea park every year, it makes the park picturesque, breathe the Phytoncide in the park!


Apr.: harvest season of makino bamboo shoots

Spot: Lugu town, Chushan Town

Chushan is the biggest area under bamboo cultivation, there are always different kinds of bamboo shoots in the market all year round. During the period of Chinmin, it always rains. The bamboo farmers have to crop at 3am in the midnight everyday. The major production area of Makino bamboo is in Sanpindin. Don’t forget to taste the local flavor when you enjoy the oolong tea and beautiful scenery in Xietou, Sunlinsea and Lugu. In the harvest season of Makino bamboo shoot, enjoy the gourmet made of Makino bamboo shoots. The area under bamboo cultivation in Chushan and Lugu is pretty wide so that it keeps the complete scenery of bamboo forest, and make the Makino bamboo forest to be the important spot.


Apr.: Spring tea (tea collected in spring)

Spot: Lugu town, Chushan Town

The altitude of tea gardens in Lugu town is about 600~800M, the soil here is rich in organic content, and the average temperature is about 20 Celsius degrees. The condition such as the plenty of rain, climate, cloudy weather all year round and nice natural spring creates the great environment for the tea tree growing. Therefore, there are many kinds of tea trees here. The famers’ association arranges the competition of tea every year, the appearance of the special grade tea is round, tighten, fresh, dark green and in consistency size. The color of fusion is golden yellow and clear, the fragrance of fusion is fresh and strong.The aftertaste is sweet, mild and smooth, and the leaf should be completelyextended and flexible. The reputation tea is thepartially fermentedoolong tea. The tea in the annual competition will be stringent examined if pass the standard of the chemicals before delivered by the farmers, the purpose of the tea competition is not only to drink the nice tea, but to be with health!。