Summer: Firefly sightseeing tour

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Summer: Firefly sightseeing tour

Apr.: flash dancing – The activity of protecting and viewing of the firefly in Lugu Nantou.

Spot: The Lugu tourist center and each area of firefly viewing in Lugu.

The topography of Lugu is most of mountains, and the drop of altitude and humidity are high, so there are multiple resourceof animals and plants, the firefly is one of the presentative here. you can see the sky was studded with twinkling stars in the season of firefly, it’s the special ecology of insect in Taiwan. There are at least 31 kinds of firefly inhabit in the Lugu town, taking 50% of firefly species in Taiwan. The Lugu town is the best choice to watching the firefly! 。

5月‧活動 : 竹山鎮-桂竹筍季

May: Chushan town – the season of Makino bamboo shoot

Spot: Chushan

Chushan, the name means the hometown of bamboo, Moso bamboo, Makino bamboo, Oldham bamboo and Ma bamboo…etc., is the local specialty in this town. The season of Makino bamboo is in May, so the Makino bamboo shoot festival is named because of Makino. It’s to link the relationship between the modern life and Makino bamboo instead of just eating and watching the bamboo. In the festival, you can learn how to satisfy the demand of routine by making the tool of bamboo, experience the way our ancients lived by listening the story through the game of breaking barricade.The game lead you to cook outdoor, to make the soap of Bamboo charcoal and to modify the old-fashion toy and let it become the modern creative-cultural product such as windmills and helicopter of bamboo. Through the game you can find more function of bamboo in modern life, and let the tourists know the hardship the ancients suffered and learn the wisdom from it. The tourists will be impressed by the ancients’ intelligence by those activities related to bamboo.

A、 Touch Chushan

The life tempo in city is busy and quick. Come to Chushan, slow your tempo. Experience Chushan by touching, watching, trying, tasting and feeling, then you will learn more about this town and love it! Making soap of Bamboo charcoal, watching the Makino bamboo forest, tiring the bamboo shoots, blowing the bamboo raft and pulling the toy horse made of bamboo, then you will learn more and more.

B、 surviving inoutdoor

How to feed yourself without any tool in outdoor? By this activity, you can learn how to cook one pot of rice soup by the material you can get in the mountains, how to survive in outdoor and to make friends with local people by sharing lunch with them.

C、 Social welfare

Chushan is famous with the bamboo which can be made to many kind of product, therefore now there is one activity as DIY of bamboo windmills, you can make your own bamboo windmills, the benefit of this activity will be donated to Genesis Social Welfare Foundation for building those brain-dead people nursing house.

D、 LOHAS tour

You can feel the night in Chushan is totally from daytime, just relax, pace and release pressure at nightin Chushan!


Jun: Sweet dark purple grape

Spot: Chushan

The dark purple grapes planted in Chushan Shelai area is large, sweet and juicy. The Shelai organization of Production and Marketing improved the Kyoho grapes, then create new specie name purple-honey, the planted area is about 10 hectares, this specie can be cropped two times per year, and the harvest season is May, June, October and November.

The Purple-honey grapes is good quality, chewy taste and high sweetness, also certificated by the Council of agriculture, and passed the MIT fruit certificate, the harvest season is from summer to winter. The soil, water and climate in Nantou is very good for planting grape, and the government and farmers corporate to improve the planting technology and share the experience so that the grapes from Nantou is well-known.


July: the season in Green bamboo shoot

Spots: Lugu, Chushan

The weather from May to June is comfortable to travel outside. The ecoregions countryside is nice for parents and children to travel together. In the summer time, the cold bamboo shoot salad is very popular because it tastes sweet and reduces the risk of inflammation inside body. Taiwan is rich in bamboo shoots in summer. The bamboo shoot grows from the root of bamboo. The south and middle of Taiwan is rich in Ma bamboo shoots, and the north of Taiwan is rich in Green bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots can be made of salad, soup or be preserved.