Visiting Tai-Ji Splendor Land by visiting Lugu and Zhushan

2015/2/14 Click︰
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Visiting Tai-Ji Splendor Land by visiting Lugu and Zhushan

The associate of developing tourist in Lugu and Zhushan – Director General , Mr. Cheng-Yu, Tai The Tai-Ji Splendor Land is the hometown of tea and bamboo. It’s comfort and health to visit Zhushan and Lugu which is the area closed to nature environment with beautiful view, and you will feel like in secluded place far away from hustle. This associate has already been founded over 4 year, and it help to integrate the local tourist resource and provide the tourists the reliable and good packing tour.

I believes the exchanging hostel provided by the Townway company is worth to have a try, Moreover, the organic vegetable planted by local farmer, Dong-Ding Oolong tea with fresh and good aftertaste, the famous local souvenir and related product and service are the best conditions to provide the best tour in Tai-Ji Splendor Land. It’s hard to know the exact feeling in 5 ways if you don’t come to Da-An bamboo forest yourself, you might think it’s just a normal view. But if you try to stay one night here and enjoy the hospitality of the hostel owner through treating tea, you will know that will be the great way to rest your mind, soul and body.

The green forest in Xietou and Sunlinksea is comfort. I like to stay over night in the small wood house in the Tai-DA Tea Garden, the sunlight in the morning is comfortable. And the Phoenix Bird Park, Tai-Da Tea Garden, Chi-Ling Lake and Phoenix Elementary School are my private tour spot.

Visiting Tai-Ji Splendor Land by visiting Lugu and Zhushan, the beautiful view will surprise you!