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The Ruan-An Pa-Gua Tea Garden

The Ruan-An Pa-Gua Tea Garden

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  • Name︰ The Ruan-An Pa-Gua Tea Garden
  • Address︰ No.12-1,Wuliao Ln.,Zhushan Township, Nantou County
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The Pa-Gua Tea Garden with broken terrain canopied by fog and cloud all year round is the hot spot for advertisement video taking. The endless green tea garden sorted in order from inside to outside makes a beautiful and praise scene. The Pa-Gua Tea Garden in the Ruan-An Tea area in Zhushan Da-An-Li was named “The Bamboo Hat Tea Garden” because of its topography looks like a bamboo hat. One time, a photographer names his work as “Pa-Gua Tea Garden” based on the tea trees around the tea trees in the area looks like a eight trigrams, the name of “Pa-Gua Tea Garden” is famous and well-known after that.

The special topography of Pa-Gua Tea Garden which is cloudy and fogged all year round paired up the soft skyline and the nature view makes you feel in dream. Those features blend the nature, humanism and the special industry together to make here as a hot spot. You can even see the tea-cropped girls if lucky.

Besides the amazing scene, you can also meet the hospitably tea farmers here easily. The high mountain tea with good smell and nice fusion attracts numberless visitors from worldwide. The Pa-Gua Tea Garden rich in resources is a famous photography view point, this point has become a very important place for photographer to take pictures especially in the harvest season. it might be called the most beautiful tea garden in Taiwan.



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By car

From south: Take the Freeway No.3→Take the ramp to Zhushan→Connect to Provincial Freeway No.3 to Zhushan town→arrive The Bamboo Culture Park. Form north: Take the Freeway No.3→Take the ramp to Zhushan→Connect to Provincial Freeway No.3 to Zhushan town (pass through the Shiou-Chuan Hospital then meet one three-way intersection and follow the road sign to turn right)→She-Liao→arrive the Bamboo Culture Park.


By bus

The public transportation is not available, driving car is the only way to get there.