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The Zi-nan Temple

The Zi-nan Temple

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  • Name︰ The Zi-nan Temple
  • Address︰ No.40,Da-Gong St.,She-liou Valley,Zhushan Town,Nantou County 557
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To lend the lucky money from Tu-Di-Gong, pass through under the golden hen, eat the free Ding-Jiu and taste the fresh and delicious roast chicken in barrel. The fad of lucky money lending from the Zi-nan Temple blows up the touring in Zhushan. The Zi-nan Temple was built in Chen-lon 10th Year of Qing Dynasty, the main God is To-Di-Gong, there are also the rock thurible over 100 years and Shi-Tou-Gong (the Rock God), this temple has already been founded over 300 years. Most people visit this temple is for borrowing the lucky money and pray the luck by touching the golden hen, numerous people come here not only to worship the God but to redeem a vow. The most special is people can borrow the lucky money NTD600 from the temple, if you need to borrow it, just to worship the Tu-Di-Gond, Tu-Di-Po and the Rock God, then cast the divination chips to get the permit, after all, if the answer of casting divination chips is positive, the temple office will lend you the money.

People who borrow the lucky money usually return more than NTD600 to thank Gods after their enterprise become stable; to make it is easier to borrow and return the lucky money, the temple sets the procedure like the bank. Beside the lucky money, the temple arranges the activity of giving mother-money during the New Year period every year, the design of the mother-money is always new and different every year. In addition, the mother-money is randomly given in lunar New Year, there are always numerous people line up for getting the mother-money.

Moreover, the temple will arrange the free Ding-Jiu (Chicken soup boiled with rice wine) activity in the 16-Jan of lunar calendar. It’s believed if the newborn infant is a boy, the parents will dedicate one neuter chicken to God for appreciation in the Jan-15 of lunar calendar; after all, the temple will collect all the chicken contributed and cook them with rice wine as chicken soup and share with everyone. Now it is the activity to present the appreciation and hospitality. Furthermore, the temple builds one luxury lavatory cost 40 billion NTD in the bamboo shoot shape to disperse numerous people using the toilet, and the lavatory now becomes a hot tourist spot inexpertly.



  • Tel:+886-49-2624236
  • Add:557No.40,Da-Gong St.,She-liou Valley,Zhushan Town,Nantou County 557
  • Opened:working hour

Map guide


Map guide by car

Take the ramp to Zhushan 243K at Freeway No. 3→Turn left and go through the Zhushan XiouChuan Hospital→To Shan-Jiou Roundabout (Zinan Temple comic road sign) →Turn right and go through 7-11→Go straightly about 3 KM→ go through the She-liao police office at left side  turn left and keep straight abou 200M→ arrive the Zi-nan Temple


Map Guide

By high speed rail:Take the high speed rail and get off at Taichung WuRi stationWalk to 1F in high speed rail station to take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus  Get off at Zhushan junction  Take the free shuttle bus to Zinan Temple ; The Taichung Gun-cheng station of Nantou Bus: (04)-2225-6418; The THSRC Taichung station of Nantou Bus (04)3601-8665; The Xietou station of Yuanlin Bus (049) 2612-315

By rail:

1.Get off at Taichung rail station, cross the street, take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus station next to the Fenyuan Bus station. →(stop of go trip) Min-Shing park / (stop of back trip) Gongguanli→Da-Ching rail station→THRSC Taichung station→Zhushan junction→Free shuttle to Zinan Temple.

2.Changhua-Teinchung rail station→Take the rail branch line of ZiZi →Zhuoshui rail station → Take taxi to Zinan Temple

3.New Wuzi rail station→ take the rail branch line of ZiZi→ Zhuoshui rail station→ Take taxi to Zinan Temple

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus—Xietou line

Taichung Gunchen bus station→THSRC Taichung (Wuzi) station→ Get off at Front of Warehouse Station after taking ramp to Zhushan. (Refer to bus timetable →Free shuttle bus to Zinan temple

The timetable of free shuttle bus between Zhushan junction and Zinan temple

Go trip: 1 shift/per hour, since 8:40am to 16:40pm, from Zhushan junction to Zinan temple. The stop is located at the guard room in Chelungpu Fault Preservation Education Park

Back trip: 1 shift/per hour, since 9:00am to 17:00pm, from Zinan temple to Zhushan junction. The stop is at the stage in the Zinan temple.