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The Sky Ladder

The Sky Ladder

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  • Name︰ The Sky Ladder
  • Address︰ The Da-an Bamboo Forest Scenic Park, Da-an valley, Zhushan town, Nantou county.
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The Sky Ladder is located in Da-an, Zhushan town, there is a common saying as “The first ladder is on the ground, but the second ladder is about in the sky.” to describe the ladder is very cliffy. The government hired the Japan technical expert to design the Ladder Suspension Bridge across the Chiu-liao river is the first ladder suspension bridge in Taiwan, and it is also the only way to the Tai-Ji Canyon Scenic Park.

The Sky Ladder and Tai-Ji Canyon are in the Da-an Bamboo Scenic Park. When passing the County highway No.49, the bamboo forest is everywhere you can see, the endless bamboo forest will make you feel like in the movie scene picturesquely. When walking in the tranquil bamboo tunnel, the breeze comes through face lightly, the dense bamboo forest with scent of newborn, you can find both majesty and tender in the amazing forest.

The whole length of the Sky ladder is 136 Meter, the drop height from head to end is 20 Meter, therefore the structure is designed to 208 steps; the famous Tai-Ji Canyon is under this bridge. The excellent view of Tai-ji Canyon consisted of cliff, rocks and waterfall is majestic like the secret workings of nature, there are also the famous spots as Flying stone, the Half-Skyline in the canyon. You can have a hiking here to experience the glamour of Tai-Ji Canyon.

In Tai-Ji Canyon, you can find the special rocks, cliff, waterfall, it is like the magnificent Tai-Lu-Guo Canyon. The Da-an ridge and Ladder ridge are nearby, it is worthwhile to visit the Human-face Rock and the Green Dragon Waterfall.



  • Tel:+886-49-2232380
  • Add:The Da-an Bamboo Forest Scenic Park, Da-an valley, Zhushan town, Nantou county.
  • Opened:Daily. 7:30am~17:00pm (Ticket selling available before 16:00pm). The park might be closed if super heavy rain forecast announced by the Central Weather Bureau and any natural disaster happens.
  • Website:
  • Fare information:It starts to charge parking fee and admission from 2009-Mar-14 at the Ladder Suspension bridge area in Zhushan Tai-Ji Canlyon.
    Full fare:NTD50
  • Warning:The round trip of the mountain road in area of the Ladder Suspension Bridge is rugged and the temperature there changes rapidly, the county government appeals to having enough warm clothing while hiking or mountain climbing when you are there. If you have disease of high blood pressure, heart-attacked, Asthma, weak physical conditioning and been pregnant, please DO NOT enter this area to keep your life security.

Map Guide


By car

Freeway No.3→Take ramp to Zhushan junction to bypass road of Zhushan down→After passing McDonald then turn right to Zi-qiang Rd. next to the Hi-Life convenience store and connecting to the Provincial highway No.149→Follow the road sign directed to Sky ladder. It takes about 1 hour from Zhushan downtown to the Sky ladder.


By bus

It is not available by bus or public transportation, driving car is the only way to get there.