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Der-Hsing Waterfall

Der-Hsing Waterfall

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  • Name︰ Der-Hsing Waterfall
  • Address︰ On the Xiou-Ban-Tien Shan-Chu-Hu industrial road, Chu-Lin Village, Lugu Hsiang, Nantou County.
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The Der-Hsing Waterfall is honoured as the secret place of Xiou-Ban-Tien. It’s surrounded by mountains and great for a LOHAS trip to escape from trifle. You can have a Phytoncide bath here by hiking especially in summer vacation.

This waterfall is sourced from Da-Lun Mountain, and located on the Xiou-Ban-Tien Shan-Chu-Hu industrial road, and formed by the De-His-Ma rock layer.

It’s said that the Song-Wen, Lin’s army fled to the upper reaches of Der-Hsing Waterfall, the horses that carried money and foodstuff falled into the valley, this place was named as “De-His-Ma” after that. Then the Lin’s army bared the treasure with them along the way they escaped, it’s unexpected to cause a fad for treaure seeking, but there is nothing found till now. 

There are two layers of Der-Hsing Waterfall, the forest here is rich, and the rock is precipitous to form the special view. The upper layer is eroded by the river for long time then form a deep pool, the cool water in the pool is clear to see the bottom of pool and swimming shrimp and fishes. The tourists can walk along the trail to upper layer.



  • Tel: +886-49-2752505
  • Add:On the Xiou-Ban-Tien Shan-Chu-Hu industrial road, Chu-Lin Village, Lugu Hsiang, Nantou County.
  • Opened:It’s suggested to visit in day.

Map guide


By car

From north: Freeway No.1→ Take ramp to Xilou→ Follow the Provincial Freeway No.1 and 1-Ding to Douliu through Chi-Ton →Turn to Provincial Freeway No.3 to Zhushan through Linnei → Turn right to County Freeway No.151 after passing the Chiang-Pu bridge to Lugu → to Guang-Hsin village through Lugu→ Follow the road sign at right side to Zhu-Lin village → to the intercross of Kuang-Fu road and Tien-Tou Lane in Zhu-Lin village→ follow the sign to waterfall.


By bus

Take Yuanlin bus at Zhushan stop to Zhu-Lin village→ get off at final stop then walk along trail. (7 shifts / 1 day)