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The Lugu association of agriculture center

The Lugu association of agriculture center

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  • Name︰ The Lugu association of agriculture center
  • Address︰ 2F, No.231, Sec. 1, Chung-cheng Rd., Lugu Hsiang, Nantou County
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The world-famous Dong-Ding Oolong Tea is original from the earliest tea cropped area- Lugu. The Dong-Ding Oolong tea is the top one in tea, and the aftertaste and smell is sweet and fresh; that’s why the tea people scramble to purchase.

The source of Dong-Ding Tea

It’s believed that the Dong-Ding Oolong tea was brought by the Mr. Feng-chi, Lin whom is from Chu-Hsiang village, Lugu Hsiang in 1855 after his traveling to join the national test and win the second award. To feedback his county, he brought the Ching-hsin Oolong tea sprout from Wu-E Mountain, then planted in Dong-Ding Mountain; that’s the beginning of Dong-Ding Tea.

The place of origin is Dong-Ding and Da-Lun mountain area which is the hillside and altitude is 600 to 1800M in Lugu Hsiang, Nantou County, so it’s the best environment to plant tea. The taste and smell of Dong-Ding Tea is fresh and with special flavor, it’s also the top grade tea in Taiwan and famous in worldwide.

The tea guide –The uncle tea-farmer

The Lugu farmer’s association center of tea is the landmark of Dong-Ding Oolong tea, no mater you go to Sunlinksea, Xietou, Phoenix Bird Park or Lugu to find tea, you can not miss the tea center. There are tourist information, transportation, Tien-Ma-Ma restaurant and a garden for drinking tea and sight-seeing in the tea center.

The first floor is the area for drinking tea and the agriculture products from other place in Taiwan. The second floor is the classroom of Tea for teaching and tasting tea DIY, and there are the tool ware of tea from different generations, Top 10 tea in Taiwan, the process flow of each kind of tea and the procedure of tea competition, and all of them are with explaining picture and electronic monitor to introduce. The third floor is to introduce the origin and feature of Dong-Ding Oolong tea and the historical relic of rural village by real stuff and pictures so that the visitors can understand the complete developing history of tea village, meanwhile there is also a video room for complete DVD introduction of tea village. It’s a worthwhile trip.

The tip to brew a nice fusion of tea.

How to brew a nice fusion of tea? There is a tip of it, the volume of tea leaf, the temperature, and timing is the key points to affect the quality of fusion of tea. Take the Dong-Ding tea as sample, the volume of tea leaf is 1/6 of the tea pot, so that the tea leaf extended after brewing will be around 90% of tea pot. The temperature of water is 95 to 100 ℃, so the taste will be better. The time of first to third fusion should be controlled in 50 seconds, from fourth fusion, the time increase 15 seconds for next fusion. The good tea can keep same taste in sixth fusion.



  • Tel:049-2751962
  • Add:2F, No.231, Sec. 1, Chung-cheng Rd., Lugu Hsiang, Nantou County
  • Opened:Mon-Fri 8:00am~16:00pm. Sat-Sun: 9:00am~17:00pm

Map Guide


Map guide by car

From North: Take ramp to Changhua system (192K Da-Jia/Nantou) at Freeway No.1→Freeway No.3 → Provincial Freeway No.3 (follow the road sign to Xietou)  Country highway No.151-Ja (follow the road sign to Xietou)→ Lugu

From South: Take ramp to Zhushan → Provincial Freeway No.3 (follow the road sign to Xietou), → County highway No.151-Ja (follow the road sign to Xietou) → Lugu


Map guide by bus

Taichung station→ to Zhushan station by Taichung bus → Yen-Ping → Bus Route 6710 to Xietou → Get off front of the church