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  • The TaiJi Splendor Land

The beautiful sense is everywhere in Nantou. The TaiJi Splendor Land is to integrate the famous spots in Zhushan, Lugu and Xitou to be linked as a large circuit-loop.

The TaiJi Splendor Land is named from the TaiJi dual-axis composed of the culture of tea and bamboo in Zhushan and Lugu. This two towns looks like Yin-Yang on the geography map. Besides the nice tea and bamboo, there is rich and diversity tourism source with the cultural connotation.

The Da-an Bamboo sea parkland, the one of the most beautiful bamboo forest in Taiwan, is a good place to have a exploration. Zhushan is the earliest place to be reclaimed in Nantou and also in Taiwan. The simple town is rich of humanity climate with diversity of tourist spots. The bamboo shoot can be cropped around whole year. The Lugu, the place of origin of Oolong Tea, is canopied by fog and cloud all year round. The Dong-Ding Oolong tea is famous as highest grade tea worldwide, the numerous tourists from worldwide are attracted by it every year.

You can easily find the exclusive and intriguing story belonged to the nice towns with the beautiful sense, rich humanity and history. Let’s forward with the story to feel the moving from the tour!

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